Últimamente he pensado mucho en el mañana. ¿Fracasaré? Me da escalofríos pensarlo...

Un sueño

Soñé que tenía un accidente en coche... espero que no ocurra nada. Tengo mucho que vivir y hacer aún, como las tareas que estoy haciendo ahora para la universidad...

S och hans födelsedag

Today is my birthday
it should be a pretty nice day
but I don't feel it like this and somehow
it should be a pretty nice day

Where's the party waiting me for?
Instead I'm lying on bed
reading a Stieg's Larsson novel
and my mom said she won't be here today

Today is my birthday
it should be a pretty nice day
but I don't feel it like this and somehow
it should be a pretty nice day

The weather forecast have said it's gonna rain today
Wouldn't care if you were here
and it should be a pretty nice day
it should be a pretty nice day
and you are not here


Pensaba en el instinto...


Qué extraño fue cuando estabas sentada junto a mi hace más de un año. Nunca imaginé que llegaríamos a esto. Ahora tu en un extremo del mundo y yo en el otro. Cuando llegues te recogeré en el aeropuerto y te recibiré con pancartas alegando tu demora. :-P

Cuando te hablé, ¿fue por instinto? Creo que sí porque apenas te vi ya quería abrazarte.


Volvíamos a platicar nuevamente, ahora a 1.000.000 de pesos de distancia, un taxi y un ticket de tren lejos de ti. Estabas desvalida por tu corazón recientemente roto, usado y dañado. ¿Casualidad? Quizás. Yo también me encontré roto. Sentir tu necesidad, como la mia fue algo que no sabíamos que necesitaríamos. El instinto lleva a protegerse cuando hay peligros. Pero tú sólo eras una dulce carta diciendo que le gustaría compartir conmigo. ¿Instinto? Sí, yo quiero protegerte.

Två födelsedagar

...And suddenly you appeared. A day like today you came to life. What to write? Since I've met you I feel so lucky to know you more each day and also so lucky to be a part from your daily life and the plans we have :-)

There are many things I'd like to write but are a bit indescribable, because this is so new for us. We always talk about how it is. Hope it'll never end! Thanks for loving me cos I do love you, too. Happy birthday Jessi, MI Jessi. Te amo ;-)


And also, today is the birthday of my brother. What a nice coincidence, isn't it? Love you bro!

Everything started with...

A Basketball day...

There was a day that I went to Sporthalle, actually it was the first day of basketball in Germany (VS). I went to play basketball with new people. Never heard about you before, never saw you before. But I told you many times. I liked you the first time I met you and this is still growing...

Don't know how this turn so strong, but I'm pretty sure this is true. Many times I told you that I wanna take the risk because I like you and I want to know you more and more. I'll be glad supporting you, in your good and bad times. This is kinda new to me, but I'm feeling so happy.

When you had your last delusion of love, it broke my heart in many pieces because I could die for being near of you. I think that knowing you more each day about you, it makes me feel butterflies on my stomach. Isn't that weird? I mean... Is this normal? well, actually what's normal?

Can't wait to go to Germany again. This time to visit you :))

Do you think the same?

"Do you think the same?"

That's the title of today's entry. When you lost money, when you lost your school-ID (with that card you can get discounts on the bus ticket), when you miss a class, when you have to spend too much money, and so on... normally you get really angry. But when you like someone, when you talk very often with her, when she feel same things like me, when you are planing things with her. All those problems that I mentioned before, dissapear from my mind.

These things, happened me this week...



PS: The picture isn't related with the entry, but I look happy.



Nya hundar :-)

I was walking

One day I was walking on the street... then you appeared, but you didn't see me. You were with your friends. I was too shy in order to go straight to you and say Hi. Now I regret myself because YOU are 12,982 km far from me.