Everything started with...

A Basketball day...

There was a day that I went to Sporthalle, actually it was the first day of basketball in Germany (VS). I went to play basketball with new people. Never heard about you before, never saw you before. But I told you many times. I liked you the first time I met you and this is still growing...

Don't know how this turn so strong, but I'm pretty sure this is true. Many times I told you that I wanna take the risk because I like you and I want to know you more and more. I'll be glad supporting you, in your good and bad times. This is kinda new to me, but I'm feeling so happy.

When you had your last delusion of love, it broke my heart in many pieces because I could die for being near of you. I think that knowing you more each day about you, it makes me feel butterflies on my stomach. Isn't that weird? I mean... Is this normal? well, actually what's normal?

Can't wait to go to Germany again. This time to visit you :))


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